It all started when Orlando ‘Chic’ Chirio, a second-generation Italian migrant, pulled on a nail bag and set up a construction business in Cairns with his mate, Jimmy Deakin. That was way back in the early 60s. In 1988, one of Chic’s four sons, Darren, joined the business, soon to be followed by another, Nathan. Chirio & Sons was born in 1990.

Today, the family tradition continues with Darren’s wife Robyn, and son Lance, both integral members of the team, which has now grown to include three more qualified builders and three hard working admin and support staff. And in the same office, Darren’s brother Paul operates his shed construction business.

Chirio & Sons is built on solid foundations of craftsmanship, ethics and sheer bloody hard work. There’s no problem that can’t be solved, and nothing they won’t turn their hand to. If they can stand proudly behind every job they deliver, next to a happy customer, then life is good for the Chirios.

I have had the pleasure of having 3 generations of the Chirio family work for me over the past 35 years. Darren’s father, Chic, was an old-fashioned builder and he passed his skill, craftsmanship, attention to detail, honesty and integrity onto him and Darren has subsequently passed those attributes onto his son Lance.

Darren and Lance are always onto a job quickly and work very efficiently. I can’t remember ever requesting a quote from them. I have always felt comfortable doing this, even for million dollar plus jobs that they have done for me. I have always trusted them to get in and do a quality job on time and give me value for money. They have never let me down.”
Ken Harris, Harris Property Trust.



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